About us

Vision statement

Monrovia Breweries Inc. wants

  • To be leaders for quality and fresh malt-based products in Liberia
  • To increase the company’s market share in streamlining and developing a countrywide distribution network
  • To be a trusted partner-in-progress in the economic development of the country
  • To empower our local staff, through training and development
  • To assume key technical and managerial responsibilities in the company



A Liberian beverage pioneer since 1961, our passion at Monrovia Breweries Inc. is to quench the thirst of our customers by having them enjoy our high quality products at a great value. We will be respected as an innovative, community minded business that is growing, profitable and a great place to work.


At Monrovia Breweries, our core values define who we are and how we think and act, as individuals and as a business entity. They guide everything we do. We actively work together in the pursuit of excellence! With an entrepreneurial spirit, we strive at all times to act with integrity, respect for others and provide a balance life/work environment, always keeping in mind and respecting our environmental responsibilities.

Working Together

We have a great team spirit, open and frequent communication and demonstrate good listening. We learn from mistakes, foster company’s ideas and empower our employees as much as possible. We are proud of what we do and how we do it.

Pursuing Excellence

We are passionate about consumers! Our curiosity and customer insights drive our growth. We cherish our brand and products. We strive to be the best at all times.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We are creative and courageous in pursuing our full potential. We are innovative constantly searching for new ideas and focused on continuous improvement. We are cost responsible and resourceful, dedicated and committed and show a positive attitude at all times.


We are honest, sincere, fair, trustworthy, loyal, reliable, and credible. We treat people equally.

Respect for Others

We reward and recognize people in general. We empower and cultivate employee potential, professionalism and provide a safe working environment.

Life/Work Balance

We seek strong and long-term relationships. We strive for positive stress and a healthy, happy mind and spirit. We recognize our employees and support them in achieving a fulfilled life and financial and personal security.

Environmental Responsibility

We exert great effort at minimizing the negative effect of our operation on the environment through sound solid and liquid waste management and pollution control by recycling, where possible, and detoxifying waste water and effluents.