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Training EDoeblah


Monrovia Breweries Inc. congratulates Emmanuel Doeblah on the successful completion of his theoretical training with the World Brewing Academy (WBA). In the same way Mr. Doeblah thanked us for our support, we would like to thank him for his effort and commitment. Congratulations from the whole Management Team. We are looking forward to welcoming you among the managers. 


Mr. Doeblah is part of our training path for young Liberians with high potential. As such, he successfully completed the theoretical training at the reknown brewer's academy, as well as his training on-the-job at our factory in Liberia. Monrovia Breweries Inc. is committed to training young, motivated, and capable staff throughout their carreer. One of our primary goals is to empower Liberians and train them in brewing and technical functions, for which there is no specialized education offered in Liberia. 

Capacity Building

Realizing that skills and knowledge are the driving force for youth empowerment and social development, we align our CSR with the Government’s youth capacity building policy.  Under this CSR strategy, we provide internship for senior students of vocational/technical schools and vacation jobs for high school and college students.  Senior students from the Booker Washington Institution (BWI), Monrovia Vocational Training Center (MVTC), Liberia Opportunity Industrialization Center (LOIC), and Salvation Army Vocational Training Program (SAVTP) are accepted for internship at our well equipped Workshop in welding, machinery, plumbing, electricity, mechanics, air-conditioning, refrigeration and carpentry.

MBI Summerjob

MBI Internships

The internship lasts between three and four months and upon the availability of vacancies we hire some of the interns after graduation. The internship includes training objectives, observation, evaluation and assessment.  The interns are assigned to our employees who mentor and supervise them.

Vacation Jobs

In collaboration with the Ministries of Labor and Youth and Sports, we provide vacation jobs for up to twelve high school and college students every year.  The vacation jobs help the students acquire practical experience, expose them to the various jobs in the Company and help them make informed career choices.  The students are compensated for the two months they serve here and are provided free lunch in our canteen.

MBI Training Program

Training ASC

Beginning in 2016, we intensified our efforts and operate our own skills training program.  The Monrovia Breweries Skills Training Center will provide training for our unskilled employees, contractors, casual workers and a select number of high school graduates, as well as provide refresher training for our skilled employees.

Our company has taken keen interest in these areas in order to help bridge the skills gap in the country. We enhance the net impact of our business on the Liberian society. The training program is a strategic corporate social responsibility initiative by the company to create a knowledgeable young workforce, improve the productivity of individuals and create a pool of skilled manpower needed for the country's development. 

MBI Junior free


Electronic Inspector Training

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Monrovia Breweries Inc. is aware of its social responsibilities in terms of development and training; as such, in an effort to continously improve its workforce and to support them in excelling beyond their current capacities, conducted an IN-HOUSE Technical Training with an overseas trainer from HEUFT FRANCE.

The designated employees received an in-depth training on the new Empty Bottles Inspector, which increases the quality of our drinks even further.


We congratulate our staff for the successful training and their achievements.