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Guinness Malta

Malta Guinness is our uniquely energetic, refreshing and nourishing drink! A natural product brewed with malt, sucrose and hops. Malta Guinness is a thick, rich and great tasting malt drink that is filled with vitamin B, vitamin C and other natural ingredients. It is a very healthy drink for you and tasty to your kids as it is non-alcoholic.


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Our refreshing and unique softdrink line "FIZZ" is available in three flavors.

FIZZ Musca: Experience the flavor of fresh grapes, based on our vintage Muscatella.

FIZZ Motta: Country lemon tingling your taste senses in a very new way.

FIZZ Frutta: The tase of passionfruit meeting a mix of fruits. 


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Club Soda

Would you like to drink a "fizzy water" or offer it in your restaurant? For customers who enjoy drinking soft drinks, CLUB Soda can provide a calorie- and sugar-free alternative.

Monrovia Breweries Inc. offers the only carbonated water produced in Liberia. Purified water is complemented with sparkling bubble to refresh you.