Returnable Bottles



Monrovia Breweries Inc. cares about the environment.  In an effort to help protect the environment we urge all customers to return their empty bottles.

There are many benefits to recycling glass bottles.

Recycled glass reduces the emissions of air and water pollution by around 20% respectfully. Reducing pollution benefits not only the environment but also the entire ecosystem. 
It saves energy on manufacturing new materials, and preserves habitats for wildlife. Recycling glass saves on the need to obtain more raw materials to make new glass. 
It reduces waste, the value of the environment is greatly improved through glass recycling. Many people tend to litter with glass. 
Recycling glass is very simple, and you can start the process by returning your empty bottles to Monrovia Breweries Inc, Duala.    

Go Green and help save the environment while enjoying the great taste of CLUB BEER




monbrew clubbeer small

monbrew clubbeer medium

monbrew clubbeer big

monbrew eazi small

monbrew guiness

monbrew malta

monbrew soda






If you don't bring an empty crate you will be asked to make an initial deposit. The deposit per crate incl. bottles is 480L$